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Find your Sleep Hygiene score

Developed by a top sleep scientist, this simple quiz finds your Sleep Hygiene score and recommends personalized tips to improve your sleep.

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We promote happy and healthy lives through customized wellbeing and sleep experiences that enhance everyday interactions.

Made with Melatonin & Naturally Occurring Ingredients

We sustainably source from best farms & facilities from around the world.

Overnight application

Steady nightly application to get to sleep and stay asleep throughout the night.

Easy to use

Simply peel, stick & sleep. Stays in place all night long.

Peel, stick & hit the hay. We use ingredients that promote restful sleep. See you in bed ;)

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Steffen H.
“Before the ZPatch, I would awake still tired and a bit groggy. After the ZPatch, I'm noticing I wake much more refreshed :) They really nailed sleep formula on this one!”
Devon S.
“Staying asleep was always tough for me. After about a week on the patch, my sleep felt healthier AND I'm not waking up in the middle of the night!”
Kassala H.
“I was ready to zonk out just 20-30 minutes after applying the patch. I had a good night's sleep and didn't feel any type of "drug hangover". Highly recommended!”

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