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Shelbie says she "loved" the patch and felt an improvement in her sleeping...and was able to wake up without even setting an alarm.

Their nature-inspired Zpatch is the solution for a relaxing, restful night.

My experience seemed to improve over time, which makes sense, as the patch is meant to be an addition to your regular routine.

I was able to have a really good night’s sleep and woke up on my own, feeling refreshed... will keep some in stock for those nights I’m having a hard time falling asleep or am jetlagged.

Meet your new bedtime bff ;)

Troubles falling asleep at night? Overactive mind racing? Delicious Klova ZGummies are loaded with melatonin, passionflower extract and vitamin B6 to help promote falling asleep easier, and shutting off a busy brain before bed.

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Healthier Bedtime Routines Make People Happier... see for yourself!

Kiu E.

Really Good

Much better sleep. If I wake up I'm able to fall back asleep - which was not the case before. no daytime grogginess, which is great. Take a little while to kick in so an hour before.

Angela A.

This patch has helped me

This patch has helped me to relax and go to sleep.

Valerie D.

Helps me to stay asleep

Helps me to stay asleep through the night. And wake up without grogginess.

Lacy D.

This product works better than
This product works better than any oral melatonin supplement I’ve tried!

Therese H.


Takes about 2 hours to kick in & you need 8 hours sleep or can sometimes wake up foggy. If you use that as your guide their great

Ryan C.

I have struggled with sleep

I have struggled with sleep for years and finally found something that works. Thank you!!!

Kelley C.

I have pretty bad insomnia

I have pretty bad insomnia and I'm honestly not sure how much these helped, but I think they helped me somewhat! I really do love the more natural approach of helping my sleep too :)

Beverly L.

I love using Klova!

I love using Klova! It works for me overtime. I highly recommend this product for my friends and family!

Callan B.

I have never had good

I have never had good luck with using melatonin products because of the hangover. Not the case with these. I truly love these. I wish they stuck a bit better but they work as I need them to. FINALLY SOME DECENT SLEEP.

Michele G.

Sleep is superb with Klova patch on!
I’ve already told friends about how great I’m sleeping with this patch. It’s wonderful, and no hangover in the morning. I wish they weren’t $1 a day because that adds up if you need to use them every night.

Jodi R.

I’ve been using the sleep

I’ve been using the sleep patch for about a month or so. I feel my quality of sleep is better. I still have some sleep issues but The klova patch is a great adjunct to better sleep.

Katherine F.

I'm still getting used to

I'm still getting used to the best way to use the patch with my schedule but I definitely do notice a difference. If I don't put the patch on early enough I'll feel very groggy in the morning. Feeling very hopeful.

Kathleen M.

Awesome sleep is a reality!
Love it! Everyone here is sleeping better than that n years! Big sleep cycle improvement and we’ve ditched our meds! We’ve also lowered our expenses since we no longer need meds!

Diana G.

These patches have helped me

These patches have helped me in getting a good nights sleep. I would encourage others to try them.


Goood sleep solution
I love this sleep solution. No drugs! Refreshing sleep. I put the patch on an hour before I want to go to bed.

Caron B.

It been working for me!

It been working for me! I have lots of trouble sleeping but since I’ve started using the patches, I’ve been able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer!

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