We believe healthier sleep leads to happier lives.

Our Mission - To promote happy & healthy lives through customized wellbeing and sleep experiences that enhance everyday interactions, relationships and positive energy.


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  • We spend on average 25 years sleeping & 6 years dreaming.

  • More than 40 million people in the US suffer from long-term sleep problems.

  • 1/3 of Americans are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis.

  • More than 20 million more people experience occasional sleep problems.

Insufficient sleep is a public health problem

Sleep is linked to information retention, restoration, rejuvenation, muscle growth , tissue repair, and hormone synthesis.


Сost of Insomnia per person per year


Amount of missed work, events, and errors from sleep issues

172 million

Experience at least some symptoms of insomnia. Around 8 percent suffer from chronic insomnia.

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At Klova, we take immense pride in being a small American business that puts heart and soul into every product. Every item in our range is not just 'Made in the USA' — it's designed, crafted, and shipped directly from our shores to yours.

Healthy sleep leads to a healthier mind & body

Can bring you one step closer towards achieving your goals — without the weight of feeling constantly distracted.

Extra-Strength Sleep Patch

100% Drug-Free sleeping patches, made with melatonin, valerian, l-theanine and other natural ingredients. Peel. Stick. Sleep.

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The World's First nootropic focus patches made with guarana, huperzine, agmatine sulfate and other clinically proven ingredients. Peel. Stick. Focus.