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Natural Self-Care Hack for Deeper, More Restorative Sleep

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Powered by natural ingredients, our long-lasting sleep patch delivers sleep promoting goodness up to 5x more effectively than their tablet, chew or gummy counterparts via transdermal absorption. Proven time and time again, Transdermal melatonin WORKS! Skeptical? Try it and get a full refund if you aren't bragging about your sleep!

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How It Works

The same technology powering your favorite skin care products likely powers Klova too!

Your skin easily absorbs the natural ingredients because they are smaller than 500 daltons (the fancy science term for molecular weight) which is the "size limit" for optimal transdermal absorption. 


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"98% success rate in Sleep Study Participants.”

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Safe ingredients, higher absorption rate and consistent results are why doctors trust Kova sleep patches.